Our Story

yellowpop was created from our fear of white walls and sad spaces.

We wanted to find a simple way to fill an empty room with joy and warmth.
Our inspiration came from where people are happiest – outside, soaking up the sunshine. So we found a way to replicate the glow and energy that comes from a day spent in the sun (minus the vitamin D), and that’s when yellowpop was born.
Whether it’s day or night, whether you’re at home, the office or an event, you can flip on one of our neons and watch the space around it glow. And if you look around, you’ll see the faces of those who look at the neon glow as well – both literally and figuratively.
Neons have a way of bringing immediate joy to everyone around them, thanks to their warm glow and upbeat vibes.
Seeing that glow is what keeps us excited to grow and innovate on our product offerings.
So whether you choose a neon from our collection, a limited-edition piece from a renowned artist or a custom design, yellowpop pieces are guaranteed to add a pop of positive vibes to any space.
We can’t wait to see what you’ll create next.

Ruben & Jeremy

Global Design Community

In addition to creating our exclusive yellowpop collections, our London-based design team can help bring your creative vision to life with custom pieces.
We also partner with artists from around the world to bring you limited-edition neons inspired by the artists’ hometowns.

Stellar Customer service

We are available by chat 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about your design, delivery, installation or anything in between.

High Standards

We searched for the perfect partner to bring our product to life – and we didn’t stop until we found a manufacturer who matched our quality and ethical standards. It was important to us that you not only be happy with our products, but proud of where they came from as well.

Masterful Materials

Unlike most competitors, we only use LED Neon Flex to create our signs. It’s better for the environment and creates a better overall experience for you. Peak at the details below.

Fear Of Empty Walls
Anxiety brought on by empty walls or an expanse of blank space within a building’s interior.
Can be alleviated with the placement of artwork to break up the empty space.

"His house was so empty that I got a massive FOEW"